BOQA® Fastening Elements – selling points

Good reasons to use BOQA® fastening elements by bodaTec® GmbH:

BOQA® fastening elements, also known as BOQA® clamping collets, have been on the market since 1993. They offer numerous advantages for connecting various hubs to cylindrical shafts or tapers.
They meet all customer requirements regarding quality and precision, as well as longevity and easy handling.
Products using BOQA® fastening elements evidence high reliability and significantly increased service life compared to products using
conventional shaft-to-hub connections.

BOQA® fastening elements ....

  • are manufactured with highest precision and feature a concentricity of 0.01 mm
  • are always manufactured from stainless steel 1.4104 (X12CrMoS17) or 1.4305 (X10CrNiS18 9)
    Customers know that their shaft-hub connections can be easily released, even after years of operation, as fretting corrosion is avoided when using BOQA® fastening elements.
  • can be supplied for almost every shaft diameter between 1.5 mm and 60.0 mm, and for every hub width between 6.0 mm and 100.0 mm
  • are equally suitable for the connection of toothed or cogged belt pulleys, eccentrics, control cams, sprockets and sprocket wheels, etc.
  • have continuously been improved and developed since 1993, and come in a wide range of versions and almost all required dimensions, such as:
    • continuous bores (seat H7 at the unslotted end)
    • blind bores and hex sockets for increased stability when fastening the nut
    • blind bores and integrated counter bearings on the thread to fit an inner ring for a needle bearing
    • blind bores and integrated counter bearings on the thread with bearing seat for a grooved ball bearing.
      Counter bearing is recommended for small shaft diameters to reduce the shaft bearing load when tensioning the toothed belt, minimising risk of machine failure, e.g., due to breaking of the journal
  • are extremely compact and can be used for belt pulleys with a small tip diameter, even in tight spaces where conventional connection systems cannot be used due to their bulk and design
  • facilitate assembly as they are self-centring. They reach the exact position as soon as the nut has been slightly tightened. This allows for fine alignment before the final connection.
    Uncontrolled slipping of the connection element within the hub, which can happen with cylindrical connection elements used in a cylindrical bore inside the hub, is not possible
  • provide secure transmission of power. The taper retention prevents unintentional disconnection of the shaft and hub, increasing drive component reliability and reducing drive unit downtimes to a minimum. Additional fastening nut securing is not necessary are fully resistant against extreme load changes, providing optimal safety during reversing operations in modern linear systems Shaft-hub connections with BOQA® fastening elements are also resistant against abrupt acceleration/braking forces produced by powerful stepper motors
  • will not evidence wear out or play even after a long, high-stress operating life Shaft-hub connections using BOQA® fastening elements will remain play-free over their entire service life can be reused with a new hub when the old hub has worn out will always provide a suitable shaft-hub connection for the intended purpose due to our wide product range and will actively help to reduce storage costs

BOQA® fastening elements are organised in product groups:

Group designation is based on the diameter ‚D2‘, the largest diameter at the front taper end of the clamping sleeve Each product group includes BOQA® fastening elements with identical outer dimensions but with different inner bores. I.e., a hub with an inner bore = D2 of the BOQA® fastening elements can be connected to different shaft diameters by simply changing to the corresponding BOQA® fastening element from those available within this product group. This results in greatly reduced storage requirements for pre-bored hub designs, e.g., belt pulleys, and saves money.
All without hindering material storage space for regular production requirements.

  • can be delivered as ready-to-use pre-packaged belt pulley assemblies by bodaTec® GmbH and our distribution partners.
    Customers can choose from three different options:
    • Option 1, the basic solution
      bodaTec® GmbH supplies a standard belt pulley together with the requested BOQA® fastening element
    • Option 2, the economic solution
      bodaTec® GmbH supplies a standard belt pulley with two integrated threaded bores for easier release of taper retention via two
      forcing screws in case of disassembly
    • Option 3, the premium solution with optimal integration
      bodaTec® GmbH supplies a complete ready-to-use belt pulley assembly – specially developed by bodaTec® GmbH – which already includes the complete release mechanism for the taper retention.
      In this option connecting the belt pulley to the shaft is as easy as disassembly. Loosening the fastening nut also automatically releases the tapers retention and the belt pulley module can be completely and easily removed manually from the shaft
  • can naturally be supplied as special designs, developed in coordination with the customer
    • bodaTec® GmbH supports their distribution partners in finding individual solutions for customer requests with competent advice
    • On request, bodaTec® GmbH can develop solutions for their distribution partners and provide CAD models for their customers
    • bodaTec® GmbH delivers customised solutions for higher cost efficiency and customer satisfaction
  • and, last but not least, small sample quantities can be delivered ex-stock within a few days; delivery times for larger quantities lie between two and four weeks after the order has been received